Fireworks at Abbey House Hotel & Gardens

Below is a list of dates when fireworks will be fired at Abbey House Hotel & Gardens.

Whilst we endeavour to keep disturbance to a minimum and where possible we utilise low decibel charges but inevitably some noise will be heard.

Displays will last no longer than 10 minutes. Any local resident wishing to go onto our notification email can arrange this by emailing or calling us directly on 01229 838282.

Many thanks for your understanding

Fireworks 2020

Saturday 1st August 2020

Saturday 24th October 2020

Sunday 1st November – Firework Extravaganza

Sunday 22nd November 2020

Saturday 5th December 2020

Saturday 12th December 2020

Monday 28th December 2020

New Years Eve 2021


To reassure all of our customers that we are taking all possible precautions to keep our customers and staff safe, please read our COVID-19 Policy.