July 11, 2016

When most couples think of their wedding day in the Lake District they normally think of a hot summers day drinking fizz and celebrating it with their loved ones… But why do they dismiss the option of having a winter wedding? I know what you are thinking… the weather will be cold and dismal, there’s a chance of rain or snow and the days can be dark and dingy. We shouldn’t dismiss a Winter Wedding in Cumbria for these reasons. They can be some of the most romantic and detailed weddings around! Here are 5 reasons why we think you should rethink having a Winter Wedding.


The Price

Winter is the best time of year to have your perfect wedding day at a reduced cost. Due to the peak season being over, Abbey House Hotel will be offering special winter wedding packages, Steve Hillman Wedding Photography is also offering a late availability package exclusively to Abbey house (subject to availability). It’s a fantastic opportunity to save money! And who knows you might even be able to hire that perfect band you both love!


Winter Bride Groom Sign-01


The Theme

Why not sprinkle some Christmas magic on your wedding and embrace the season! By using a Christmas colour pallet, it will allow you more freedom to keep your wedding modern yet celebrate your favourite holiday at the same time. Abbey House Hotel & Gardens pulls out every stop especially when it comes to Christmas lights!




The Photo Opportunities

What’s more perfect than a crisp winters day… The nights get darker and the celebrations get louder! As a wedding favour why not think about giving custom branded sparklers? I don’t know how many times we’ve all been to weddings and ‘accidentally’ left the wedding favour on the table… By giving sparklers you can get your guests to take part in a magical photo, lighting the path for you and your lovely partner’s future! By upgrading your wedding package with Abbey House you could receive the perfect background … a magical firework display.




The Details

Where to start… Winter wedding details are the perfect way to set the mood for your big day. Whether it’s using hundreds of glowing candles down the aisle or warm twinkling lights at your reception, you can create the most amazing experience for your guests from start to finish with the simplest ideas.


wedding lanterns


The Winter Romance

There is nothing more romantic than a getting married on a chilly winters day in Cumbria. It’s a perfect chance to get all cosy next to your new husband/wife over a glass of warm mulled wine and enjoy every moment of your big day…


Bride and grom_winter-01