December 15, 2015

 Is Your Wedding Only 1 Week Away?

Here are a few things that can help you be prepared for the big day…

1 – Make a list…

Out of all the lists you must have made throughout the planning stages of your wedding this will be your last and most vital one! Your list should include all of the final touches you have spent so much time and thought over in the recent months. From table scatters to wedding favors you should take note of all of the things you want to pass onto your wedding coordinator on the day!

That’s the hard bit done! Once you have passed all of your items over you need to hand the list to your maid of honor (or delegated person) to collect all of those things for you after your big day! No use letting everybody get involved as you’ll be collecting items from your friends and family for weeks, if not months later!


2 – Pack the right things for your morning after!

You want to wake up feeling fresh and revitalized for your very first day as a married couple, don’t you? A sugary drink and some paracetamol definitely would not go a miss…and if you don’t need them your bridesmaids and groomsmen might! Better be safe than sorry. Think what do you usually need in the morning after the important event and pack it. Good make up kit or re-hydrating supplements might come in handy to help you get up  and start the day easier too.


3 – Take care of your dress!

Your wedding dress is your long lasting memory of that special day. Preserving it for as long as possible, even for your children might give you many more special moments. One of the wisest things I have heard was a bride booking her dress into the dry cleaners for the day after, assuming maybe…but wise? Yes!


4 – Book your transport!

Whether you are going straight off on your honeymoon or to the warmth of your own home you need to know you have a safe ride! Organize with your friends and family, or book a taxi in advance just to make sure you have a smooth and easy first day of marriage!


5 – Have your thank you cards ready!

Not for your gifts but for the people who have kept you cool, calm and sane! Whether it be the florist who has spoken to you several times over to make sure you have got the perfect bridal bouquet, or your make-up artist who has made you feel extra special on the day. Think about all those people who have made your day possible…they will appreciate  it!